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family member of current studentCampus safety is a priority and students (as well as any other people on campus) need to be reminded of the importance of knowing your surroundings and, not being alone and using the resources offered by the university.
family member of current studentAs the parent of a freshman at the time of the protests, I was appalled to see what was happening on campus during what was supposed to be fun orientation week for the incoming students. Our student was trying to go to one of the freshman activities when the smoke bombs and near violence started, and they became disoriented and lost on campus. We received a frightened call from our student, lost in the dark and unsure what was happening, and nearly started driving towards the university. While I agree that the statue should have been removed from campus, and that as an incoming student of color, I would not feel welcomed by a school that memorialized the Civil War in this manner, I do not agree that inciting chaos and violence was the correct path to achieve this goal. I was also disappointed and disgusted to learn a professor was one of the leaders of the protest group, one who apparently did not receive any sort of professional impact from inciting a riot on his own campus. I think we all need to remember that just because a group of people is loudest, the brashest or the most violent, that does not make them RIGHT. Whether your beliefs fall to either end of the political spectrum, it would serve us all well to remember that our country is founded on the belief of majority rule, not who can scream the most or garner the most attention. Where does this end? The next time a student group is unhappy with the school, will it be okay if this type of behavior is their answer? Where does it stop? When a person is drug from a building and beaten? Because if you think that this type of violence isn't progressive, and doesn't lead to harming those that disagree with us, then you are naive. Bullies need support to feel emboldened, and both the far right and the far left are enjoying exactly the sort of support they need to give in to their basest desires. If we do not all enforce the rule of law and hold them to the same standard as the rest of us follow, them we will be facing lynch mobs again. The question the university needs to ask itself is whether or not the leaders of this riot squad felt supported by the school's actions, or whether they realized that this sort of action will not be tolerated on it's campus. It is the duty of the school to hold the safety of the students and staff above all else.
family member of current studentThere still needs to be more safety for students who live off-campus and need to get home late at night, in particular girls.
family member of current studentThis comment is indirectly related to topic. Today’s college students are required to accomplish at higher levels than in the past. While they are in the midst of midterms or final exams, they also have to deal with finding out the potentially disappointing results of papers, group projects , and exams they turned a day or two ago. As parents, we have to make sure they can recover and refocus on the exam they face next. How fondly I remember undergraduate and graduate school before today’s technology when I could prepare, take the test, move on and prepare for the next, and so on.... Then deal with the results, good or bad, after catching up on sleep. Having immediate access to the exam results adds unnecessary emotional and psychological stress to this generation in my opinion. Social media bullying is only one stress factor these kids have to deal with these days
family member of current studentMore education on what sexual assault really is to students of all genders, including fraternities. More cctv. With more security presence, people really do make a difference.
undergraduate studentIf I didn't attend, how can I comment.
family member of current studentTo the public it appeared a different standard of security exists for protesters against the Silent Sam monument and protesters supporting monument's public display.
both alumni and family member of two current studentsAs a parent, I want to know that if my daughters have to walk across campus to get to work - at any time of day, early morning, late at night - that they will be safe. If that means additional blue light stations, campus safety, whatever it takes. At the same time, I don't want to be alarmist - I don't want to put in their heads that they might not be safe when going to and from places. So I recognize that fine line but that's your duty as an educational institution. I want open, honest discussions encouraged without stigmas about what time someone is out or what they're wearing. These young adults are figuring things out quickly, particularly freshman, having a bunch thrown at them at one time. They should not have to worry about their safety.

One of my daughters is an upperclassmen and participated in the protests against Silent Sam. There was one instance when she didn't feel safe but for the most part that was not a concern - for her or me. I appreciate the opportunity for students to express their thoughts.

One area of concern that I've had when visiting is the number of what appears to be homeless people on and around Franklin Street. I remember some homeless people in my time as a student, we donated to open hats and hands, but there seems to be a lot more people just hanging around. It is sad and concerning. I can't help everyone I encounter. Is it even safe to try and help? It is a community issue.
family member of current studentAs a parent of a current student, safety is a primary concern and one that we considered carefully in selecting her school. Recent coverage of violent attacks, including the assault in Shortbread garage, is alarming. I understand the school is increasing its efforts to remind students of existing safety programs. A few questions I have are: (1) has the school considered for volunteer help from the community — like a neighborhood watch — I have another daughter that attended UVA and they implemented a program like this and it led to much more visible security off of campus between residential areas on weekend and evenings; (2) would increased use of video cameras be an effective deterrent in remote areas; (3) should students be trained annually on best practices for off campus safety (travel in groups, especially late an night, etc.) .
family member of current studentFirst and foremost a big thank you to campus police! They do a great job.

I hope that budgeting gives them what they need to do their jobs.

I think more CCTV cameras and staff to monitor 24/7 would be a good think.

Also post signs so bad people know their being watched.
family member of current studentI was not aware of the listening sessions, but as a parent of a freshman girl, the statistic that 1:3 female students has been sexually assaulted is staggering. More needs to be done, both in and off campus through better education, security, etc. This cannot be a statistic that becomes accepted or the norm.
family member of current studentMy various concerns/interests include:

*promoting healthy and respectful relationships between the young men and women, gay or straight. Young people have grown up exposed to various forms of deviancy, much of it violent in nature, and confoundingly lack an understanding of what is and isn’t healthy or respectful.

*A hope the Chapel Hill Police and UNC Police are working together closely to rein in crimes committed by non students. Kudos identifying the perp who recently committed a crime at the Shortbread Lofts.

*The ‘protests’. I do not view the destruction of public property and the threats and intimidation of citizens a ‘protest’. It is anarchy, rioting, and wholly unlawful. Those involved should be identified and prosecuted. The removal of Silent Sam capitulated to a mob when it could have been an opportunity to truly educate this generation on how far we as a nation have come, particularly in contrast to the rest of the world where in many countries slavery of many forms countinues.

*The intolerance towards open dialogue is deeply disappointing. Ironic given the proximity of The Speaker Ban marker on Franklin to Silent Sam.

Thoughtful discussions of all types and on all topics should be encouraged and supported.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
undergraduate studentStudents don’t trust the school’s desire for abuse and assault investigation transparency. The students perceive the school to be appearing committed but in reality desire to protect those involved or just ignore it.
family member of current studentDue to the recent sexual assault in the parking lot at Shortbread, safety on and off campus is a significant concern! This event has shaken our daughter’s community and opened our eyes about safety. We have not been satisfied with the response from this landlord and would like to see more pressure from the University on the landlords and local merchants to improve lighting and other safety items within the town.
undergraduate studentCampus needs to be more safer for students. Since this is an open campus.
family member of current studentMy daughter is a senior at UNC. The past few weeks have been very disturbing to her and her friends. They have shared that they feel anxious and insecure about safety in and around campus. There does NOT appear to be enough security/police presence to make these young women feel safe. The rape in the Shortbread parking garage and the attack of a girl on Franklin Street at 10pm recently (which was not shared with parents!) are very disturbing. I as a parent d0 not feel like the school is being proactive. It is being reactive. I know UNC is raising money for a tremendous capital campaign - well what could be more important than the safety and security of these young women. AND the sexual assaults that are happening in dorms, etc. that are not being brought to the school by these lovely young women is pronounced. I know this happens at every college campus, but let's be an example to the other schools in taking some action.
family member of current studentWith respect to the statue, I am deeply saddened that we lost Dr. Folt over this, deeply saddened. I hope we have another female scientist at the helm soon, we need this for so many reasons, there is not enough character space here to articulate why. I am thankful my child witnessed her leadership and was the recipient of her kind, thoughtful, and personal advice and counsel. I cannot adequately put into words how devastated I am that she is no longer leading this incredible university. Please find another woman administrator for this position and put around her whatever is necessary to prevent this from ever happening again. Thank you for your kind attention to my comment.
I am an Alum and the mom of a current studentAs an alum of UNC, I'm ok with peaceful protests on campus. We are the University of NC and should be encouraging our students to be healthy debaters. I'm more concerned about campus safety. I read the recent report on sexual assault, which is frightening. I don"t think the university is being transparent about the number of sexual assaults. It's a large campus and it's going to happen. But, it's time to stress the honor code. You need to become the leader in expecting our students to be held to a higher level.
Alumna and mother of current UNC studentI am concerned with the recent reports of sexual abuse on campus. I have to be sure that my daughter will be safe in her learning environment. I’m disappointed that this is such a big problem on campus now. I suppose I’m being too simplistic, but something has to change immediately.
family member of current studentNone
family member of current studentI am very concerned about the protests that followed removal of the the Confederate monument and other events where UNC students were in danger, but I do also feel that the police acted appropriately in these situations and I will forever be grateful to them for all they do to keep the campus safe.
family member of current studentI did not attend a listening session but as a parent of multiple college age children I was extremely disappointed in the coverage of campus security at the UNC orientation. It was hardly addressed at all with the students and soft peddled with the parents. Having been directly impacted by the gun violence at UNC Charlotte and as a staff member in the UNC system, I am very familiar with what other campuses are doing and not doing to highlight and educate parents and students. There was not even a person from the University Police at the orientation session, but rather a student development staff member. There were no discussions about how UNC was dealing with the Silent Sam controversy, nor campus gun violence, sexual assault, etc. All they really talked about was student drinking. and a few days before there was an assault on Franklin Street, but it was not even mentioned. Finally, it was not addressed with my student with the Residence Hall staff during mandatory sessions upon campus arrival. Stop trying to cover these issues up, prepare the students, educate the parents, put it out there. Riley Howell died at UNC Charlotte at the hands of a deranged gunman. What will UNC do in this situation? Have you discussed this with your students? I have discussed this with mine.
family member of current studentHaving an “open campus” - with a transient and homeless population on student transportation and in student spaces is asking for trouble. There is must be a way to provide support for both populations while keeping students safe.
family member of current studentMy daughter is a senior living on Cameron Avenue. Last year, she lived on Mallette Street. Both streets are not well lit at night and can be pretty dark in spots._x000D_
For a female walking home at night it could be very dangerous. I have called the town of Chapel Hill to ask them to install street lights but it has yet to be done.
family member of current studentI have a daughter attending UNC Chapel Hill as an undergraduate student and was a bit surprised by the limited number of "blue-light" safety call boxes on campus when we visited recently. What is being done to increase the number of these safety devices on campus as a means of improving public safety and sense of security?
family member of current studentSilent Sam should have been BETTER protected by the campus police and should have remained in its location. All violent protesters should have been arrested.
family member of current studentAs a parent, I feel like the UNC campus is not safe. I worry about my kids all of the time. The staff at UNC are the adults and there is absolutely no reason to accept every request for a protest.You are allowed to say "no" to the students and us parents are fine with it. I feel like the protests concerning the Silent Sam monument could have easily escalated to fatal violence and, frankly, I am surprised it didn't because of the way people were and still are so charged up about the issue. When I heard the rumor about the possibility of Antifa showing up to one of the protests, I wondered if the UNC staff were asleep and oblivious to what was happening. I was appalled that you allowed the protest to go on. I have a couple of solutions: 1) Sell Silent Sam at an auction. Many colleges have done this, UNC could probably sell it for at least a million dollars based on the popularity and history of the statue. 2) I prefer not allowing protests on campus but if you must, I would designate an off- campus empty parking lot and enforce that to be the only place for a protest. Set a designated time limit for the protest. I also would say something like protests are only allowed once a month on this day and time in this parking lot. While you're at it, probably should go ahead and do a security check on everyone entering the protest. Maybe this will deter protests which would be a good thing for everyone. Moving on to another topic. I recently read about the extremely discouraging results of a survey concerning sexual assaults on campus. Solution: produce a 10-15 minute video explaining the possible dangers of drinking spiked drinks at parties, the dangerous results of hook-ups, life-long physiological effects of abortions, bad relationships, and so on. Make it shocking enough to scare the kids into watching themselves and taking care of themselves. The video should be played in each class at the beginning of each semester. After a while, the message will sink in with all students. You can be assured you will save many students from trauma and heartache. Finally, have a couple of positive campus events concerning police and public safety officers. Invite students and include games and food. I suggest this because I cringed when I heard students at a protests calling the police who, were protecting them, "dogs". The students have no idea of the danger they put themselves in and have no right to call the police names. Thank you for this opportunity to provide my ideas.
undergraduate studentNone
alumniPlease take serious the effort to encourage the current students/staff/faculty to protect their own campus - give additional time and "paid jobs" to students who want to help protect others and can pass some tests to show they are trustworthy to do so.
undergraduate studentStudents should interact with police more closely. There’s a need for more patrol in areas where police presence is require. Spanish speaking police officers should be available for Spanish speaking victims of crimes in or around campus. Police should be train to descalate in most interaction with citizen and be remained of their oath.
family member of current studentThe events before and during the 'downed' Confederate statue do not give me confidence you can secure ANYTHING, including my son's safety. This caution and passivity, under easily seen circumstances, suggests you want to protect a public reputation more than my child or his surroundings.
family member of current studentYou do not provide enough real time information on sexual assaults and safety on campus. As a parent I have only received information on one sexual assault however students seem to think there have been four or five already this semester. Which is the truth is it rumors or are you just not passing along the information to students and families
family member of current studentI am very concerned about the lack of campus security in and around Hinton James where my daughter lives. She has told me about numerous incidents where students were drunk, disorderly and completely inappropriate but apparently no one patrols the dorms at all. It is so bad that my daughter doesn't go outside of her suite anymore on Thursday through Saturday night.
family member of current studentAs a parent with a daughter at UNC-CH, I know this has been an issue for many years and the university has turned a blind eye. I think this has ruined our support for the school as we help those who have suffered personal anguish and permanent emotional injury. We need to protect the women victims and get everyone on board to prevent this tolerated culture. Prevention takes on many forms and as parents we have suggestions and solutions. You need to listen! This has gotten way out of control and is why I didn’t send my two younger children to UNC-CH!
family member of current studentI have been following the safety announcements and statements made by the interim chancellor. After attending New Student Orientation with my son, I was very impressed by the amount of prevention that UNC is doing; from call boxes to hotlines, to "walk you home" services and door to door car service. I was also impressed by the information students had to watch and learn about consent. _x000D_
It seems to me that the university is taking great strides to help students be safe. So I wonder if in this pursuit of lowering the sexual assault statistics, if we need to be asking more "how, when, where" questions of the victims. This may shed some light on where issues are occurring. _x000D_
I also can't help but feel that part of this is a societal problem, which must be addressed with boys at a younger age, perhaps middle school. If so many boys are taking advantage of girls, it seems to me that they have a warped sense of sexual entitlement, and/or a skewed view of respecting women, as well as just respecting people's personal boundaries in general. Maybe this is a subject/topic that research students at UNC can explore, and even try to develop some educational programs for youth._x000D_
Lastly, I want you to know that, as a parent, I do not feel like we should be placing blame on UNC for these statistics. As I said, it was obvious to me that you are taking multiple steps to prevent this. I also have a daughter in college (at another school) and I would feel good sending her to UNC based on the resources you have available.I would just be counseling her on the things she must do to stay safe, like always traveling in groups, avoiding events where alcohol is consumed, and utilizing campus resources I would also advise her to never allow a male student back to her dorm room, even if she knew them well and trusted them; they could hang out, study, etc. in the lounge space or another public area. She should also not go to a male student's room with them at any time.
family member of current studentDuring the protests at thenConfederate Memorial, my son was scared to walk on campus, so he didn’t attend his scheduled meetings. I think the protests were allowed to get out of hand. I also believe that there were people who cam onto campus that helped to instigate it. It was troubling that my son didn’t feel safe. If this were to happen again, I would hope that campus police would ensure that students who are not involved and want to continue their normal daily routine, are given the peace of mind to do so without fearing for their safety._x000D_
Also, I have a daughter who lives off campus and she has felt it increasingly difficult to come onto campus in the evening for her meetings. The University’s goal to become more environmentally friendly needs to bring with it the responsibility to keep off campus students safe. Parking needs to still be available and accessible. Bus routes need to be more frequent at night or shared rides available by campus transportation services (like a provided Lyft or Uber service.). Bike lanes should be on all major roads where students travel from off campus. Improve lighting on all sidewalks. Improve campus Police presence on weekends Thank you.
family member of current studentThis institution is a place I pay for two students to receive an education. This institution may think civil disobedience is part of the education, but I trust the university to protect my children from these subjects who wish to protest on campus. They can do so off campus in the town. I have been very disappointed in how the university has handled the campus protests over a statue._x000D_
I also, have been disappointed when visiting the campus and Franklin St area how many subjects are begging for money and the town seems to do nothing about it. This is also another item that concerns me. I have observed these subjects ask for money to families, individuals, people in cars at intersections and it seems so sad for those folks but in the encounters when I was asked money. Where do these folks come from and how do they arrive in CH? _x000D_
Next, the girl who was attacked in CH this year and sexually assaulted in apartment parking deck. I am very glad CHPD made an arrest. This subject, hopefully, will receive justice in the very liberal and bleeding heart judicial court system of Orange County instead of making an excuse for the subject's actions._x000D_
My kids have enjoyed their time at UNC so far. They also know that they live in a community that does not share conservative values. They adjust their actions and conduct accordingly as to where they may frequent and who they socialize with daily.
family member of current studentFranklin St and Rosemary St should also be considered in the discussion. Perhaps better lighting, alternative location for homeless shelter, additional security at key spots. We want students to feel safe walking on and around campus. My daughters and their friends do not feel safe walking especially in the evenings.
family member of current studentmy Concern is for safety for women who have to be alone on campus. There needs to be a service to use to Never Walk Alone, especially at night!! Maybe there’s one in place but it needs to be publicized more actively.
family member of current studentThe campus remains poorly lit. Low LED up lighting of buildings to expose shadows behind bushes and building walls remains unaddressed. One should be able to see a well lit path between South Campus and the path to Granville, illuminating all tree, shrub and other shadow areas on campus. _x000D_
Patrols are inadequate. Students should be hired to patrol sectors at night carrying emergency radios. _x000D_
There should be overhead signs or post signs on all roads surrounding the campus - LED’s in Carolina Blue and white - warning of entering a “Pedestrian Zone.” Drivers need to be reminded over and over. Signs are relatively inexpensive compared to the risk and safety issues. The lighting should be distinctive - not yellow or white, but something to catch the eye. Pedestrian density, especially in the winter, during rain storms, and at night, make visibility difficult. Columbia St., Raleigh Rd. and all road entering campus and in campus should have such signs.
undergraduate studentOur daughter lives in Connor dorm. Ever since she arrived on campus she has been sick with respiratory problems. Once she had to go to the emergency room and 6+ times to doctor on campus. She has had to take antibiotics, inhaler, installed a room UV filtration unit, but the campus and university is not properly addressing the issue. Connor dorm needs to be evacuated and ducts along with HVAC unit internally scrubbed and sanitized. The mold issue is as important for the safety of our students as the unfortunate sexual threats occurred. I’ve spoken with my attorney about this subject and unnecessary medical bills occurred because of the lack of progressive actions and we await what you plan to do first and then decide how we proceed which is something we would like to avoid! Thank you for your concern and understanding.
undergraduate studentWe are very concerned for the safety of our daughter both physically and sexually. We would think UNC would have safety procedures and man power to address these issues but apparently not. I am also an alumni. UNC is a wonderful university, but these unsolved issues and lack of preparedness is causing a black eye on this great university locally, nationally, and abroad. We look forward as a family and community to hearing your plan to not only address these issues, but enforcement to return it to its proper place._x000D_
Thank you in advance for your concern and implementation!
family member of current studentNot able to attend. I have 3 girls at 3 different colleges. UNC-CH is the campus plagued with sexual assault for too long. Not acknowledging this problem on your campus is only good for the rapists. Glad we are almost done at UNC.
family member of current studentHello, Thank you for soliciting input on such a wide range of issues. I have two issues I'd like to address. First, kudos to those who had the courage to remove the confederate statute. As a parent of a student with roommates with ethnically diverse backgrounds, I can say that the statute was an affront to their standing not only as students at UNC, but also as Chancellor Science Scholars. Second, I would also like to address campus safety. I can't believe we are having the same conversations about campus safety that we had when I was a university student 30 years ago. How is that possible? How have we not made strides forward? Perhaps a required 1-unit freshman course for all students concerning appropriate and inappropriate/criminal behavior on campus? Because it just seems that some people still haven't gotten the message. UNC students can and should do better. Thanks for listening.
family member of current studentSeems an instrument of liberal policy movement and not there to ensure rules/laws are followed and a safe place for students who do follow the rules.
undergraduate studentI love the emails you send to parents with updates. Your service is truly appreciated.
family member of current studentAs a parent of a UNC student, I have concerns about the lack of timely notifications to students and families particularly as it relates to sexual abuse. It was shocking that I as a parent heard about the rape before UNC students were notified. Although it didn't occur on campus the reality is that it was a UNC student and also UNC is a public campus that is within a small town. It's not like it occurred 10-15miles from campus. Then to immediately hear that some other female students were subjected to lewd comments outside of the library and an alert wasn't sent because it didn't "meet the criteria" was disheartening and caused us great concern. Let's not wait until another violation occurs, all threats should be taken seriously and students should be notified timely so that they're on alert. They're trying to get an education but at the same time don't lead them into false sense of security.
family member of current studentMy daughter is a Delta Advocate. She has worked very hard to become a resource for victims of sexual assault and other violations. I wish the university would do more to promote Delta Advocates as an available peer group trained to help those in need. They should also work more closely to promote the educational opportunities their organization provides for those in Greek life and beyond.
Alum and parent of recent gradI think the university and city do a good job of trying to protect the students and townspeople while at the same time fostering a feeling of a large, vibrant and youthful college town. _x000D_
I think University should consider standards for fraternity parties that dictate materials used to section off their lawns. Black bags are an eyesore. Perhaps Carolina blue tarps or UNC tarps could be ordered and required. It looks seedy currently.
family member of current studentI agree with UNC’s decision to place a stronger emphasis on prevention. With that being said, I am concerned that many of the residence hall security fob systems are non-functional. I am also concerned for the safety of my daughter who is currently a stalking victim. The campus police are involved and are doing everything they can to address the issue. However, as the campus is considered public, that isn’t enough. I would like to suggest that the school establish an access system in which students and employees swipe id badges to gain entrance to class buildings, library, etc.
family member of current studentI was not aware of a listening session I also live out of state
family member of current studentPersonal opinion is that until all alcohol is removed from all campus/non-campus activities safety is going to be an issue. And the likelihood of that occurring is not high.
family member of current studentI feel UNC should offer more ways for the students to get to class safely when they have late classes, sometimes the buses do not run at a certain time late at night. I am glad the confederate statue was removed, it does not belong in a college campus or in public.
family member of current studentMore lighting or at least the lighting you have needs bulbs that light more
family member of current studentI think the survey was influenced by he recent rape/stabbing of a woman in an off campus dorm._x000D_
Maybe a self defense courses could help like Tae Kwon Do.
family member of current studentHighly concerned about the recent tape at Shortbread. I think this horrific crime will likely recur. Huge concerns about our Kids walking home at night to not only official dorms But also near campus Housing!!!
family member of current studentAs an alum, a Carolina parent, and a person who works in Baltimore and has seen the corrosive impacts of demonizing law enforcement on public safety and public trust I am concerned. My concern is that the apparent default acceptance of the trope that police are a predatory threat to others will, just as in Baltimore, demoralize those who serve and protect to such an extent that Carolina will be a less safe environment. I despair at this, and also at the fact that those who do not share the view of activists who see the Carolina police as the true threat are so vilified that we remain silent to avoid the character assassination that follows. I suspect an anonymous survey of students about that issue - suppression of “non progressive” opinions generally - would yield a wellspring of concerns. But I do not trust those who are currently in administration at Carolina to actually follow any voices other than the loud and angry activists. So I provide my comments with the full expectation that they will be discounted as myopic, dominant-culture apologia.
family member of current studentMy daughter is an out of state first year living in Granville. _x000D_
The #1 issue she has with public safety is the tough element on Franklin St at night. She does not feel safe walking to / from her sorority or to local businesses alone. This bleeds over into discomfort during the day with aggressive panhandlers and such. This should NOT be the case with of a top university in a lifestyle-driven and student-centric local community. _x000D_
#2 is an extension of above and also likely a bleed over from Franklin St., plus the recent Shortbread sexual assault. She has concerns walking the campus at night. Yes, it is likely perception driven, but a reality._x000D_
From our three visits to the campus this Fall, her viewpoint is not unique. We heard it from her friends and saw it around campus in terms of ‘walk home’ services being promoted and encouraged. The Public Safety unit and local police dept should take this as an OUTRAGE. _x000D_
Beyond our safety concerns for our daughter, it is a real disappointment for us around what is / has been a great college experience for her. _x000D_
We are hoping this is a real wake up call. Thanks for asking for feedback. It is an important initial step.
family member of current studentI did not attend a listening session but there were concerns raised about this during The yearly PTSA during Carolina Family weekend which I did attend. _x000D_
A question was raised about no alerts being sent out about the sexual harrassment in Davis Library and I do think we need to take any and all harassment seriously since and can quickly escalate to something more serious. I’m assuming this is being looked at. Also, more policing in Chapel Hill needs to happen especially during late nights when college students are out and about.
family member of current studentI think there are three underlying problems to public safety:_x000D_
1) the male /female ratio for the undergraduate student body is way out of wack at UNC. With roughly 60 percent female and 40 percent male, men don’t treat women as respectfully as they should because there is always another “girl”. The women would like to get to know more men, but because of the ratio, some feel pressured to put themselves in situations which put them at risk._x000D_
2) Franklin street is not as safe as it should be. There are several mentally ill / drug addicted men who harass and follow students on a REGULAR basis. This needs to be addressed. My guess is that interactions with some on Franklin Street contributed to the poor statistics in the recent study._x000D_
3) As far as the “current climate of trust” with public safety...I think you are listening to a small minority of VOCAL resisters. My daughter and her friends would like a stronger presence of safety officers on campus to keep things safe. She and her friends respect and appreciate the selfless service of those who put themselves at risk to protect the student body. More presence is needed on Franklin And Rosemary streets in particular. I would appreciate more of a community policing model in which the police could interact with more people , students and groups to improve communication and help the police and students together work together to make things safer._x000D_
I believe the university responded appropriately with the police presence related to the situation with not so Silent Sam.
family member of current studentMy son feels safe at UNC. We feel that he is reasonably safe though we are aware that improvements are always welcomed.
family member of current studentAs a parent I appreciate the Campus Safety Commission keeping on top of campus safety.
family member of current studentAs a parent I appreciate the Campus Safety Commission keeping on top of campus safety.
undergraduate studentFirst and foremost, limit entrance to the libraries to students, faculty, and staff. There needs to be better lighting throughout the walkways and along the paths. Better security outside the libraries at night.
family member of current studentI am very interested to hear university plans to address safety on campus. I hope these will include:_x000D_
1. Training for male students on intervening in unsafe situations _x000D_
2. Increased mental health resources for students and staff_x000D_
3. community conversations on ways of keeping students safe including the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro_x000D_
4. Reviewing best practices from other universities_x000D_
Thank you
family member of current studentBoth my daughters have reported friends who were drugged during parties. The term they used was ruffied. Both daughters also report that they wish they could commute from home because they feel unsafe and really have never felt that way before going to college. It saddens me to hear this. I hope you are able to make big changes for the safety of all that attend your school. Until then, they are instructed to never walk or go anywhere alone, carry their pepper spray and always have friends within reach.
family member of current studentI think safety is on par for a large university though investigators lack training and cultural competence in handling reports are very troubling. There isn’t any excuse for it .
undergraduate studentYou people need to get your act together! Something isn’t working if sexual assaults are on the rise at this school!
graduate / professional studentincrease campus policing. The the Confederate Memorial is a highly emotionally charged subject that needs to be addressed. Out of sight in a museum setting could be the solution.
alumniNo comment
family member of current studentReally didn't see notification of the Listening Sessions
family member of current studentAs a parent of a daughter currently living on campus in her second year, I am always concerned about her safety. She assures me that girls are always walking in pairs at night, and that there is an increased police presence in place lately. What still concerns me is how to combat the notion that even a single man could attempt to verbally or physically assault a group of women outside the library?? It wasn’t even dark?? How can we get ahead of this? It’s not like this guy was hiding in the bushes while 3 girls were walking down a trail at dusk. It is time to get AGGRESSIVE with more 24 hr police presence, out front, visible, in increased numbers. Whatever it takes so that NO student, male or female should be worrying about there safety!!! Spend the money, make a statement!!
family member of current studentMore campus police and visibility
ParentI see regular communication that addresses safety concerns that more liberal students may have, and I think that is appropriate. Students should feel secure while attending UNC. There is never any communication concerning safety issues for your more conservative students, and I think having thousands of students who will not express themselves for fear of retribution can be quite harmful. The lack of support for these students, and their views, teaches them to be silent and might potentially put them at risk. Each and every student should have the same level of communication and support from such a prestigious school. Thank you
family member of current studentI’m a mom of a sophomore who lives off campus. I am aware that my daughter is walking around pretty terrified because of the sexual assaults that happened this semester. She used to ride her bike all over but now feels unsafe riding home at night so she has been staying home - her roommates have cars and would go places to study at night so she was often home alone and feeing lonely and scared. She now has pepper spray with her at all times. We have loaned her our car and that has helped her feel more confident getting where she needs to go at night but I feel this shouldn’t be necessary - there must be some services available to help her but she says none of them get her to her door. I just wanted you to aware of her fear as I am sure there are other young women in the same boat. Thanks.
family member of current studentf
graduate / professional student*it is not obvious to me why protestors were permitted to erect a screen whose intent was to hide what was happening to the statue and then allowed to topple the statue despite a heavy law enforcement presence. Given that the Chancellor then (arguably illegally) ordered the pedestal to be removed, this gives the appearance that the law is selectively enforced to suit the politics of the given administration_x000D_
*I am confused by the status of S. Columbia St. Is it is a public road or is it private University property? I have been afraid to drive up S. Columbia to Franklin while possessing a firearm. I assumed it was a public road and thus the general legal restrictions for firearms would apply (e.g., not a felon, 21+ if pistol, CC only with permit). However, I was confused by the email that went out last year saying that anyone carrying a firearm on S. Columbia would be arrested. The Chapel Hill Town GIS indicates that it is a public road that the borders of the campus stop around the sidewalk. If it is a public rd, why would law enforcement be directed to arrest lawfully acting individuals. If it is a private road that is part of campus property, how on earth would any law-abiding citizen know this since it is not posted or marked on the GIS?
facultyI teach in Bondurant Hall. I can not hear the Alert Siren in the building. I can not see the alert txt b/c we do not allow cell phones to be active during lecture. Can you install indoor sirens or flash alert carolina on the screens in the rooms?_x000D_
Thank you_x000D_
Vicky LeGrys
graduate / professional studentPersonally I am not concerned regarding the Silent Sam protests, at least minimally in comparison to the concerns regarding sexual assault and sex trafficking increasing in frequency in the area. I have heard multiple individuals tell me of situations in which they felt they were in imminent danger, in locations eerily close to home for many of these people. Stadium drive, for instance, is one location in which at least two women have told me they returned to their car to find the windshield wipers raised or tampered with (a strategy commonly implemented in sex trafficking). Additionally, storied of individuals who were not students following UNC students for an extended period of time was so concerning for one of my friends that she quit taking her bus route home due to this same individual following her and interacting with her in a manner that was approaching harassment. While I know you cannot completely eradicate this issue and are limited in how you can respond, this is much more concerning to me than the concerns regarding Silent Sam. Particularly related to Silent Sam, I have been at UNC for over 5 years now as a student, and have not once felt unsafe regarding the protesting of Silent Sam. In fact, the only instance in which safety was a concern was regarding counter-protests by white supremacist collectives. I did not participate in protesting Silent Sam and continue to remain removed from this protesting; however, even those I know who were against the protests did not feel endangered by the protesting of the statue, only the counter-protests by white supremacist organizations unrelated to the UNC school system.
facultyIn the broad issue of campus safety, I would like to request a broadcast message that comes across any classroom computer when there is an alert carolina, or any computer where someone is logged in via onyen. In our classroom we cannot hear the outdoor sirens and request that students turn their cell phones off. Therefore, we are unaware when there is an alert and vulnerable. Another option would be to add indoor sirens that would prompt us to look at our phones. Thank you
undergraduate studentI would like to see less of an armed presence on campus, it is really unnerving to see cops with guns in the pit. Additionally, i have experienced homophobia multiple times on campus which is really frustrating as a queer student, I would like to see more overt messaging that hate of any kind isn't allowed at Carolina in general areas. These instances are really frustrating and send across a message that only some spaces and not the whole campus is safe for marginalized students.
undergraduate studentThe issue of interpersonal violence on this campus is often overlooked by administrators. It is an afterthought in conversations around issues of student safety, but we need to bring this issue to the forefront. Moreover, while student activists have made strides toward addressing the systemic causes of violence, our administration has failed to lead in these conversations. Please do more to protect your students.
undergraduate studentThere needs to be more effective consent awareness programs
community memberWith respect to the protest of Silent Sam and the continued presence of neo-Confederates on and near campus, I am extremely concerned about the conduct of UNC police. As a community member who observes these events, it is apparent to me that UNC police are inappropriately deferential to neo-Confederates and are extraordinarily hostile towards those who protest their presence. There is ample evidence of UNC police being friendly with neo-Confederates, including providing them with special parking and escorting them to their vehicles (not to mention chatting with them and shaking their hands when they were open carrying on campus in violation of the law), while violently attacking anti-racist protesters. It is evident that UNC police also sometimes harass protesters as they go about their regular business on campus. In addition, there is the inexplicable presence of Svetlana Bostelman on the campus police force after credible evidence that she lied under oath to convict a UNC student on bogus charges. Finally, continuing to trespass student protesters from campus even after they have been acquitted of criminal charges suggests that UNC police are maliciously targeting students simply because they disagree with them, apparently for opposing racism. By any objective standard, the conduct of UNC police in this regard has been a disgrace and brings into question the very legitimacy of the UNC police as an institution of public safety. Absent a serious reckoning with the conduct of UNC police during these events (including discipline and dismissals), I suspect I would not be alone in supporting the abolition of campus police at UNC. Their behavior makes the community less safe every day.
staffAs one of the Gender Violence Services Coordinators for UNC Chapel Hill, I often hear concerns regarding campus safety as it relates to gender-based violence and harassment. I know there are often lots of questions and concerns individuals have in working with law enforcement around reports of sexual assault, interpersonal violence, and stalking and that in general, there is a lack of understanding of how the criminal system works and the different aspects involved. I wanted to take this opportunity to share, from my perspective, the work that the Criminal Investigations Division has done over the past few years to strengthen their reporting and investigation processes through trauma-informed and victim/survivor-centered approaches. In my role, I have a unique opportunity to accompany individuals who have experienced gender-based violence to meetings with UNC Police (and other local jurisdictions) regarding reporting and investigation processes. I have supported many individuals who have reported to UNC Police and worked with Investigators to explore options, file reports, and participate in investigation processes if they are able and interested in moving forward with their case. Investigators emphasize an individual’s power and choice in determining next steps and maintaining control of their reporting and/or investigation process depending on what seems comfortable and helpful for them. Investigators conduct trauma-informed interviews, maintain communication with individuals as processes progress, and address safety concerns that arise. They also work to provide as much support as they can to individuals with cases outside of the University jurisdiction to help them better understand the criminal process, basics of filing a report, how to connect with other jurisdictions, etc. _x000D_
As I mentioned above, there is often a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about options in working with UNC police or how investigation processes work when it comes to reporting gender-based violence and harassment. I think there is room for more outreach and education for our campus community around options and processes and that the more transparent information we can provide, the more opportunities we provide to allow victims/survivors to make informed decisions about the help and support they’d like to access. For example, I would love to see more information about the reporting and investigation process on the UNC Police website directly, and not only on the website. I think we could work to better educate our campus community around our alert and notification system (why it’s implemented or not implemented based on the crime), the boundaries of jurisdictions, the types of questions an Investigator might ask during an Investigation (Ex: “Can you tell me more about what you were wearing?”) and explain that a question like that isn’t to blame the individual, but is important in identifying possible evidence to be collected. Information like this helps individuals orient to the options and processes and strengthens their ability to decide which spaces they would like to engage with. I believe it’s important to support the progress and work the Criminal Investigations Division does in this space to help members of our campus community who have been impacted by gender-based violence and I look forward to continuing to work together with them to support our campus community.
undergraduate studentAs a transgender person on campus, I have had a few bad encounters with confederate protesters that made me feel unsafe. My trans girlfriend and I were walking down Franklin street and we saw them at Peace and Justice Plaza. They misgendered my girlfriend and antagonized us because we didn't think that they should be anywhere near here. I also remember walking past confederate group Heirs to the Confederacy and Lance Spivey was open carrying a gun, which is a felony on campus. The police were there and did nothing except shake their hands and ask them to leave. The police on this campus have never made me feel safe as some of them are apart of white supremacist groups such as the Three Percenters. I would like to see the police presence at the university lessen significantly.
graduate / professional student[An officer] called me and my friends [derogatory names] but [that person is] still employed as an investigator at UNC.

I don’t think anyone at UNC cares
facultyI think campus climate deteriorated last year. I don't feel safer or more welcome after what happened. The way our former chancellor was treated not only by the Board of Governors, but by some of our faculty and students too is particularly troubling to me. Intolerance should have no place on campus.
undergraduate studentI had a pretty terrible interaction with the UNC police. I called 911 because my friend was unconscious and I didn't know what to do. Instead of helping me stay calm the offer was belligerent and disrespectful to me. There were other girls there but he only talked to me because he said "you seem to be the spokesperson for this group." I told him I had never been in this situation before and that I thought I did everything to the best of my abilities. He continued to harp me about alcohol, even thought I was completely okay. When emergency services came they did not take the situation seriously and I had to be the one to put my friend on the stretcher. When I asked if I could ride to the hospital with my friend she told me "you are capable of walking 15 minutes to the hospital" in a belligerent tone. Yes I understand that they deal with these calls all the time. However, as for someone who has never been in that situation the way the authorities talked to me and handled the situation makes me hesitant to ever call 911 if I or someone I know is in need of help. This scares me as I am not equip to handle someone if this situation ever arises again, I should not feel hesitant to call the authorities if I am in need of help. I hope you all take my story seriously as what I went through really hurt me. I want to be taken seriously. Thank you.
undergraduate studentI've always felt that UNC does very well with making its campus as safe as possible without restricting the liberties of its students. Personally, I have never felt endangered walking across campus, even late at night. I think there's a general awareness among undergrads of the resources UNC offers to allow students to travel without concern for their well being, such as P2P and SAFE Walk. Some of my friends have even taken self defense classes offered by the university. Of course, the possibility of an attack can never be eliminated altogether and more work can always be done to prevent them, but I think the best course forwards is the one we're already on.
staffHow does campus plan to notify students, staff and faculty when there is a hate group present on campus? I understand there are notifications for other safety issues or emergencies, given the current rate at which violence can be connected with these groups of humans, has upper administration discussed ways to notify the campus community so that they can take the necessary precautions to ensure their own safety and the safety of others?
undergraduate studentMORE CONSISTENT WIFI. MORE RELIABLE RECEPTION. Having no service often, especially when there are many people on campus (game days) is a SAFETY HAZARD.
undergraduate studentI am bothered by the lack of street lights on roads that are housing a majority of college students (Mallete, Cameron Court, Kenan St). These roads at night are completely dark with an exception of one street light on the whole road. If someone was behind or in front, you would not know and not be able to respond accordingly if something were to happen. Also, I see a significant decrease of cops driving around at night than I do during the day.
graduate / professional studentUntil the police force takes a STRONG stance against racists, fascists, "incel" idiots, homophobes, and mysogenists, you will not be trusted. Until the police take a VOCAL stance against these people and their actions, you will not be trusted. It is not nearly enough to "say" it, nor to put it in a brochure, nor to "focus group" it. You MUST radicalize. Yes, I said radicalize. Unless you're vocally and visibly opposed to people who ACTUALLY cause harm you will not be trusted nor respected. You have not earned it. Yes, as public servants you have hard jobs. But those who live with the fear and violence every day have it harder. Do better. Do NOT protect those in the community who are "expressing themselves" with violent and racist acts. And yes, you do show bias. If you can't see it, you need to reflect more, listen more, and learn more. I sincerely hope you can transform. It has not been seen yet. If you, the commission, are truly concerned with CAMPUS safety, you will privilege the rights and needs of your students above those of the town, of supremacist alumni and donors (yes, that means ANYONE who opposes the removal of racist celebrations of white power on campus), and media pressure. Until that happens you will never convince the students (and many faculty/staff) that you are actually about safety. You will simply be maintaining the status quo. What say you? I hope that one day you will be able to restore my trust in law enforcement. Because right now, it is destroyed.
undergraduate studentBeing a female on campus, and given UNC's history with poorly addressing acts of sexual assault and violence, I am fearful just to walk home alone from class. it is so terrifying that the university didnt feel the need to release an alert Carolina message until almost 12 hours after the sexual assault incident at Shortbread lofts. That man could've just as easily showed up and waited outside of a different dorm after he left- you knew about it. But you didnt give anyone else any hint of the danger we were in until long after. Ive read the emails saying that there has been an increase in foot police on campus- ive yet to see one on campus even though I spend around 6 hours on grounds per day. something has to be done
undergraduate studentHi, _x000D_
Sadly I've not been able to attend one of the listening sessions but I do have a concern that relates to campus safety. I've been through a number of unpleasant experiences over the last year relating to social bullying/mobbing and in the process have realized that we don't have any bullying policies in place for students...that's concerning to me. I'm lucky in that my unique confluence of individual characteristics allow me to deal with the issue as hostile environment harassment but another person might not be so lucky. I've chosen not to do so because I don't want people in trouble really but I do think we need some explicit anti-bullying policies. I also think we need more anti-retaliation policies because part of the bullying included retaliating against me when I made a complaint about it (by making a complaint against me) but our retaliation policies don't clearly cover that situation from what I've read of them. Clarity is needed here to make sure that Carolina doesn't allow this sort of behavior.
undergraduate studentTrust is nonexistent. General attitude towards safety north of campus is in absolute peril. Serious measures need to be taken to remedy the situation. Many reports of sexual assault & harassment near-misses.
undergraduate studentCan there be more of an effort to clear covered busstops of homeless people? It feels unsafe to have up to four men loudly talking and making me feel uncomfortable while I am waiting at the MLK Umstead stop in the early morning
staffWe are living in unsafe times. There are mass shootings every week. And yet there is no sense that we are addressing the possibility of this problem happening on our own campus. Likewise, we are not addressing security issues related to other kinds of terrorist attacks. Bags are routinely left unattended and no one pays them attention. There should be guidelines issued campus-wide on how to recognize and address suspicious activity, what procedures to follow, whom to notify, etc., etc._x000D_
This is not a one-and-done kind of subject. The message should be honed, fine-tuned, issued and then regularly re-issued. If we spent half as much time working in this way to keep our campus safe as we do in addressing matters like sexual harassment, I'd feel a lot safer. Terrorist acts are relevant today. Terrorist acts are what worry me the most - far more than whether or not someone is staring inappropriately at my cleavage._x000D_
Our community needs to be educated and ready for these eventualities. Right now it feels like we're just burying our heads in the sand.
undergraduate studentWhy don't you make it legal for students with proper training and background checks to carry firearms? Firearms will reduce crimes such as assault (sexual/physical) and theft among other things. The gun doesn't even need to be fired, only drawn. That poor girl would have had a better chance of resisting her assaulter if she had a way to defend herself. Police can't be there instantly. They are human too. Stop putting politics and agenda before safety of students and faculty.
staffPlease eliminate the campus emergency "Blue Light" call boxes. These are very expensive to install and maintain and have proven to be ineffective in enhancing campus safety. Those resources could be better used to provide enhanced cellular coverage, which is the way people request emergency services.
staffIt would be helpful for main campus to drive some of the safety procedures for schools. Coordinating what is required by policy seems much better to be done by a professional rather than by someone with no experience. This would include inspecting AED's, setting up trainings, and preparing the evacuation procedures for the school. The school would be better acting as a resource for the professional and implementing the plan that is developed.
undergraduate studentI believe one way in which to increase the safety of students on campus, especially at night is to increase the number of blue light alert poles. Often times I find myself walking parts of campus where there is not one in sight or close vicinity. Therefore in order for the blue light system to work in the way it is meant to there needs to be more poles as if someone actually came after me there are multiple places on main parts of campus and residence halls in which none are reasonably reachable or viewable.
undergraduate studentDo something about the homeless population!!
facultyI don't spend much time on campus, but it seems very safe and I love that the messages that are sent out, are very specific.
undergraduate studentBe more transparent about what you’re doing. There are A LOT of scary things going on and i feel extremely uncomfortable/ unsafe on this campus from sunset on. I haven’t heard of anything the school is doing to deal with this issues, so just make it more clear as to what you’re doing to ensure we stay safe.
undergraduate studentThere are too many black people on the streets - namely hoodie wearing black males. They are waiting in the shadows to rape white women. Get this under control UNC, c'mon. _x000D_
undergraduate studentI would like to see more police around campus/on Franklin Street especially at night. There is also a huge problem of pan handling and I even feel uncomfortable and at times unsafe as a female walking along Franklin Street during the day as I am approached by older men that hang out on the streets.
undergraduate studentI've never felt so unsafe on UNC campus and it's shocking how little is being done about it.
facultyI have been asking in my department (Romance Studies) if we could have some sort of training regarding what exactly to do in case of an emergency. I do not think anyone would know what to do in Dey Hall. Also, most of windows cannot be open because they are so old.
undergraduate studentI don't feel safe walking around at night, especially given how many attacks and sexual assault cases there have been lately on campus.
undergraduate studentThere are not enough blue light security lamps. I have only seen two walking around campus, and I would feel safer if there were more. At other colleges, I know they have a rule where there has to be one in sight from wherever the last one was, so if you were running you had another place to run it and push buttons so police could track your location.
graduate / professional studentI am very concerned about the prevalent sexual assault on campus. I have several evening classes after which I walk home ( there a few buses in the evening that go towards my house). I used to cherish my walks home to unwind but now I find myself walking home scared and on high alert. I don't deserve to feel unsafe in this world. Why must a woman walking at night fear for her safety? Fuck this.
undergraduate studentParking is an issue on campus that leads to the even greater issue of safety. Due to recent events, I have made an effort to drive to campus at night so that I don't have to walk home alone. However, multiple times this week and last I have found no parking or parking extremely far away from my destination, which defeats the purpose of driving to campus when I have to walk great lengths alone to reach my destination anyways._x000D_
In addition, I would like to be notified of any unsafe happenings around campus. I do not care if my phone is blowing up with messages - I would rather be made aware than left in the dark. For instance, there was an attempted sexual assault in Davis Library, which was unbeknownst to me until my mother informed me that she was seeing it on the news._x000D_
I do not feel that my safety as a young woman is being prioritized over the university's image and budget plans for essential utilities, such as parking.
community memberLook, you are dealing with a very liberal community (Chapel Hill) that worships the black lives matter movement. As a result, there are a ton of homeless black guys and other males that fit the typical "black" profile that are given free reign to roam around and mill around at all hours of the night, without anything else to do (like go to school or go to and from a job) except wait around and try to rape women. Whereever there is a higher percentage of unsupervised black residents, specifically with black males, the level of violence, petty crime, murder, drug use, and sexual rape goes up automatically - and exponentially. Very simple formula, and the bleeding heart liberals are going to come to terms with the fact that where there are more blacks, there is generally more crime._x000D_
I support my objective feedback through the fact that all of the alert carolina police blotter nofications on the email have been associated with "black male" wearing baggy clothing. _x000D_
You've allowed this wonderful Chapel Hill community to become terrorized and screwed up by unsurpervised young black men. It's time to fix this if you have any decency and love for what Chapel Hill once stood for and represented (a nice ambient academic atmosphere where young scantily clad white women don't have to worry about getting nailed by large black man at midnight, without a condom I might add)._x000D_
Don't let the black community destroy Chapel Hill.
staffThose of us that park in the Cardinal Deck (Parking Deck) have safety concerns. _x000D_
With winter approaching it gets very dark in there and the lights are very dim. Several times I have run across people (patients, groups of males) standing in there smoking and fooling around, plus we have construction going on. This makes me/us very uncomfortable, usually I will wait for someone else that is walking to their car to come along before I proceed to my car. With that brick wall being between the street and the inside of Cardinal Deck is a great opportunity for someone to get attacked and/or abducted and nobody would be the wiser. I don't know if it's possible, but if you removed that wall (or part of it) it would open up to the street and let some light in plus be more visible to the public. We need some sort of security! _x000D_
Thank You!
graduate / professional studentThe walk from the law school to the T parking lot is incredibly poorly lit. There is also not a shoulder for students to walk on. There have been plenty of times at night where I felt unsafe in this area. Additionally, law students use a short cut from the t lot to the school which cuts through hole 20 of the disk golf course and goes through a part haha of bamboo. This are seems incredibly unsafe as the opening is roughly 6ft x 2 ft and curves about 15 feet up to the road. Simply widening this area or adding gravel would dramatically improve the safety of this place.
undergraduate studentIn light of recent events, I think the police/security presence on campus should be more prevalent. While I have seen more police officers during the day, I have not seen additional police or security at night. I think more police officers need to be patrolling (by car and foot) at night because all of the recent events have taken place at night, not in broad daylight. I no longer feel safe walking alone on campus after sun set, and as the time change approaches, I worry about feeling more unsafe as sunset is earlier. Although there are ways to avoid walking alone, such as safe walk or buses, I do not think that UNC should have an environment where students are scared to walk alone. Also, while safe walk is a good resource, it is unhelpful in some cases because it does not start unit l0:00, and sunset is much earlier._x000D_
Ultimately, I think more needs to be done to protect UNC students and to remove the fear that fills campus once darkness falls.
staffWhile the Memorial and protests/counter-protest issues are salient, I have even greater concern for the daily threats to people walking and bicycling to/from campus caused by drivers (who are often distracted) and their outsized, polluting vehicles. If the Blueprint to Next wants and System Strategic plan wants to improve access, affordability, efficiency, diversity, and whole health, it must work harder to eliminate the barriers to people walking and bicycling, both on campus and across the community. There are so many better ways to utilize our roadway space than by storing and moving privately owned vehicles on public lands. Students and staff want and need walkable, bikeable spaces and we risk losing our ability to bring new and more diverse students and staff to this campus due to its auto-oriented design. UNC is such a powerhouse but seems to make no effort to wield its power through partnerships with Chapel Hill and NCDOT staff to improve our roadway safety for all people. How about the Commission talk about that for a change!
undergraduate studentWe need more street lights throughout campus and chapel hill. It is extremely dark.
undergraduate studentI would Iike to see more lights on the quad at night. Safety does not have to be sacrificed for aesthetic. Also, maybe more blue lights. A lot of students don’t even know numbers to call at night when they are walking alone (from the library for example) and we have to get home somehow, alone or not. That mentality makes it dangerous for us, especially women. Also, I know legally campus police can’t release all the details in certain incidents. However, when it comes to sexual assault and harassment, students should be notified as quickly as possible - especially if the harasser has not been caught.
undergraduate studentI literally do NOT feel safe anymore. I live less than 5 minutes off campus and the minute it becomes dark I’m terrified. I’ve encountered multiple homeless people who make unnecessary and degrading comments. I didn’t think much of it until recently when girls all around me are being affected and hurt. UNC NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING. Because I’m tired of feeling scared and being scared all the time. I’m literally scared to go to club meetings past 8 or study in the library late because I’m worried I’ll face consequences if I am alone in the dark. Im supposed to feel safe on campus but I don’t feel safe anymore. I dread going to school year, which is sad because I loved UNC. It’s sucks to see this place become so dangerous.
undergraduate studentI think it is crucial for the blue light system to be carried out to Franklin Street as well. As an undergraduate female, this can be one of the most unsafe areas.
staffRecently, I have felt incredibly UNSAFE while on campus due to the numerous assaults occurring! There was a time I took pride in being apart of the UNC brand, but now I nervously come to work everyday! Moreover, my daughter is a recent UNC grad, and I can't tell you how often I call to check on her well being! Please, please do what you can to stop this and find the people reasonable for all previous attacks/assaults on females!!!!!!
graduate / professional studentThe UNC police have proven to be inept at their abilities, on multiple occasions publicized nationally; the police totally lost control of all of the situations._x000D_
The campus should align their fire arm policy with the laws of the state and nation by:_x000D_
1. Allowing individuals, that are legally authorized, to open carry on campus_x000D_
2. Allowing individuals, that are legally authorized, to conceal carry
staffI really appreciated when Carol Folt was here and we got Alert Carolina texts regarding protest regarding the Confederate Monument on campus. I was very disappointed to read in the Daily Tarheel that these Alert Carolina texts have stopped now that she is no longer here. I really admired her dedication to keeping students safe and would really like to know if there are protests on campus so I can make an informed decision regarding my safety and also alert my daughter so she and her family will know to stay away from campus and Franklin Street. Please reinstate these texts as soon as possible.
staffI feel that the administration has cut back on some of the authority the police had due to complaints from the students and this has made the campus less safe.
graduate / professional studentThe UNC police and administration are the things that make me feel unsafe on this campus, not other students. The UNC police blatantly defend white supremacists who are visibly carrying weapons rather than defending the students they are charged with protecting. I witnessed them arresting peaceful student protesters while those student protesters were being hit with flag poles and shoved by white supremacists on our campus. One of them has a blatant white supremacist tattoo and is still employed on this campus. The more time these actions are allowed to continue without the administration stepping in, the more unsafe I feel on this campus. If people outside of our school were aware of how blatantly racist, overreactive, and awful our campus police force is, we would absolutely not be ranked as highly as we are.
staffI'd very much like to see the UNC & Chapel Hill police do more to keep protesters off of the streets. As a staff member who commutes by car, I do not believe enough has been done in the past to prevent traffic disruptions. Traffic around the University is bad enough without protesters in the street. If I stood in the middle of the road and shouted at people, I have no doubt that I'd be quickly arrested. The same standard should apply to protesters. I'm tired of the University making excuses for the bad behavior of protesters.
facultyThe pedestrian crossing at skipper Bowles drive is a major hazard. In the afternoons with the bus traffic, cars leaving campus, and vehicles parked to drop off for swimmers, it is a high risk crossing. I’d strongly recommend the use of flashing lights when pedestrians enter the crossing to avoid a fatal outcome.
family member of current studentI think the University does a great job of informing parents about current issues, and of soliciting input from all parties. I commend you all for the time and effort that goes into keeping the students and faculty safe and relatively satisfied with the way things are handled by the University.
Parent of recent unc-ch graduate (female undergraduate)My daughter called my several times late at night as she was walking back from studying or from Franklin Street as she was frightened during her walk home. She said the campus was not well lit and there were not enough emergency call boxes stationed around campus. I was on the phone with her once when a male appeared out of no where behind her and she ran the rest of the way back to her dorm. I was extremely frightened for her. I often encouraged her to call safety personnel to escort her back to her dorm but she didn’t want to. I think you need to make some changes so that students feel it is an okay thing to call for help or an escort walking around campus after studying late or enjoying a party. There must be fear of getting in trouble for drinking or such that stops students from calling. There definitely needs to be better lighting on campus, esp around pathways and academic buildings that are empty at night but provide easy places for people to hide out and wait for students to pass by. I am glad you are taking input from the community about this topic. Thank you. I hope to see a brighter Carolina (literally) in the near future. My daughter accepted a full time job working at Carolina after her graduation last year, so the concerns I raised are still pertinent to her. _x000D_
Of course the above issue is just a minor piece of the overall problem of sexual assaults on campus. There needs to be increased education for both males and females about respect for themselves and the opposite sex. A main place to start would be with the Greek system on campus as they have the most organized and frequent social functions on campus. _x000D_
This is one statistic that UNC -CH doesn’t want to be the leader for with colleges and universities across the nation! You can get those numbers down if you take this issue you should! Thank you!
undergraduate studentMy daughter goes to the library at night and walks home alone and I am very nervous about that. She seems embarrassed to use the walking escort service or, when she tries to, the escorts are usually out already on a run. I love that such a service exists but I feel like students are not utilizing it as they should. It seems that the service should somehow expand, and be more predictable such as start walking runs on every half hour. In this way, students can keep studying and plan to have an escort with a big group at the half hour. Once the group meets, it might even be possible for the groups to splinter once people from same dorms meet and organize and can then walk home together. I feel like this service needs to be expanded and improved and the stigma needs to be removed from using the service.
family member of current studentMy daughter is a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill this year. There have been many incidents at the university since she started from rape to protests, to girls being given drugs at parties to male students beating on my daughter's door in the early morning hours wanting to get into her room. She as a student should not have to feel afraid or threatened when she is at the university to seek a higher education. This on top of the study results indicating that 1 in 3 women on campus are sexually assaulted tells me as a parent that the university is simply put not a safe place for students. My hope is that you will take this very seriously and put actions into place that will provide a safe place for our daughters to go to college without both parents and students having to fear for their safety. In the meantime, my daughter and all of her friends must be hyper vigilant at all times. This is added stress that the students do not need on top of the challenging curriculum and adjustments to living on their own._x000D_
Please address this very serious extensive problem before more people get hurt. _x000D_
As about the Silent Sam statue, that is the least of the worries of the university. It is a shame that history has to be erased and that people can not be civil on both sides of the argument, but given the other problems that exist on campus, I believe that is the least of the universities worries. One note is that there should not ever be an instance where armed people are allowed on campus property with the exception of the police. The protestors that showed up that were armed should have been removed from campus and told in no uncertain terms that weapons are not permitted on campus.
family member of current studentMy comments can be summed up by this letter to former Chancellor Carol Folt after the Silent Sam fiasco in 2018 and her ensuing retirement announcement._x000D_
__________ _x000D_
Your recent months as UNC Chancellor has been a transparent era of emotional favoritism and another liberal episode of student body ownership by academia's progressive authoritarianism. Like too many others in your profession, you have demonstrated that you have no respect, nor regard for: _x000D_
(1) any written law with which you have a personal problem; _x000D_
(2) a minimal knowledge of history at UNC (arguably the flagship university of the south), let alone the centuries old heritage of this state; and _x000D_
(3) the authenticity of our land's settlers, our family ancestors, and their rightful place in a truthful, uncensored historical narrative._x000D_
Many who are associated with UNC have lost confidence in you over the past months of mismanagement and avoidable strife and are gratified that you have decided to step down at the end of the semester. Hopefully, your successor will, at the very least, be exemplary enough to teach Tar Heel Nation that whitewashing history is tampering with what has made us great; that honoring the rule of law is the paramount necessity of a civil society, and that the goal of student indoctrination is not conducive to a free one. _x000D_
This, by itself, will be a welcome antithesis to your inability to maintain order over the mob rule and anarchy of last August. You, of course, showed your political color and gravitated to the hateful rhetoric and destructive behavior of one violent student body group, while affirming your arrogant disdain for the civil and law abiding other. _x000D_
Continuing in that vein of leadership absence, your forgiveness (and typically leftist "presidential" pardoning) of the guilty who were, and still are, the only physical dangers to the safety of students over whom you pretend to preside, is equal parts ironic and shameful. _x000D_
The Carol Folt legacy will be this: She was a discriminate chancellor who was unable to separate the demanded professionalism of the office from her personal interests and prejudices; one who rewarded bad (even lawless) behavior; and continued a stranglehold on equal democratic expression at America's longest operating public university. _x000D_
Sincerely, _x000D_
Randy Lee _x000D_
Charlotte, NC
family member of current studentI did attend orientation and do think it would comfort parents to have more information about how unc is trying to proactively educate to prevent sexual assault as well as what resources and care is offered to those who have been sexually assaulted.
family member of current studentPerhaps this is a Housing organization issue; however, female RAs should not be walking male students to their respective dorms within the community in the middle of the night, and walking them to their rooms. They have no way of verifying if a male is a student or not. How are they supposed to protect themselves at 3am if they are outside with a male student and walking him to his dorm and all the way to his room?
family member of current studentPerhaps this is a Housing organization issue; however, female RAs should not be walking male students to their respective dorms within the community in the middle of the night, and walking them to their rooms. They have no way of verifying if a male is a student or not. How are they supposed to protect themselves at 3am if they are outside with a male student and walking him to his dorm and all the way to his room?
family member of current studentCollege campuses, include UNC Chapel Hill, continue to support alcohol use by minors through noneffective policies and noneffective punitive measures. Curbing illegal (and even legal) alcohol use on college campuses may have a significant impact on improving campus safety as well as lessening incidence of sexual violence and other types of violence and abuse. Colleges, including UNC Chapel Hill, continue to have a blind eye toward this issue overall and related to social organizations and events.
undergraduate studentCampus is doing a good job of protecting students, but needs to come down harder on trespassers and disruptive students where the majority of the students are in danger due to the behavior of the small groups
staffOther than normal incidents, the only times I have not felt safe were organized attacks by the domestic terrorist group known as antifa._x000D_
Why is any group allowed on campus wearing masks? To fix this all you have to do is make it illegal on campus to have masked groups._x000D_
Then arrest any violators. We had numerous events where violence would not have been a problem if this was in place and enforced._x000D_
Because it is not in placed or not enforced, property was damaged, people were hurt. There is no valid reason to allow this._x000D_
Legitimate protestors do not need to wear masks.
family member of current studentI am concerned with mold in the student's dorms. My daughter was in Craige Hall last year, had mold throughout. She was sick the entire school year. What is being done to control this health problem and protect your Carolina students? I am out of state, and feel helpless when she is constantly sick. She is in Morrison this year, and I am hoping that the problem does not exist there. On the UNC parents forum, many other parents have complained of this issue, so it is not isolated incident.
family member of current studentBetter lighting throughout the walkways. Only students, faculty, and staff permitted in the libraries.
family member of current studentI have 2 children who are students at UNC and am an alumnus. I do not feel that my children are safe at UNC. The recent on-campus protests have been alarming to my students. I realize that UNC is a public university. However it is an academic institution, not the offices of a government entity. Nonstudent protesters on campus are disruptive to the learning process and create added stress to students. Both the many protests surrounding the Silent Sam statue and the recent Pro Life protests do not belong on campus. Students on their way to classes or to their dormitories should not have to navigate around angry mobs. It is especially troubling when faculty members devote part of their class time to pledging support to these groups. Whatever their personal beliefs, they are being paid to teach a subject and not to express their opinions on current campus happenings unless it is related to that course. _x000D_
I think it is enough for our university police to insure the safety of our students during normal campus life. They should not be overburdened by dealing with groups,of individuals who seem to be angry at the world. I would rather that the available resources were used to prevent crimes on campus. Sexual assault is on the rise across college campuses. A police presence will help to deter that. The safety of my children is of paramount importance to me._x000D_
If UNC is to maintain its standing as a top university, it needs to provide a safer environment for the students. Student retention will suffer if the presence of outside protesters (liberal and conservative) continues to be allowed. There also needs to be a zero tolerance policy for assaults. I hope the university is serious about making campus a safer place. It certainly does not appear to be safe at present.
ParentI Am out of state and was not aware of sessions.
family member of current studentAs a parent of two students, I am saddened that UNC has been negatively featured in the news for many months now. Silent Sam, increasing sexual assaults, and now mold in the residences both on and off campus. I think the school has to do something to make parents feel like their children are safe and my children should not have to worry about being assaulted by another student, or a professor for that matter. I constantly worry about my two daughters' safety and health on campus. They both chose UNC for it's reputation, so I would like to see the administration address some of these major concerns.
family member of current studentMy primary concern for campus safety involves sexual assault. My daughter was raped her freshman year at Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. She was underage, but was served a lot of alcohol, perhaps she was drugged. She was unable to consent, unable to resist, unable to even locate the door to try to crawl out of the room where she was taken. This is, of course, the purpose of these “parties” for your fraternity members. It is absolutely APPALLING the you know this occurs on a REGULAR basis and do not stop it. The greatest risk to your campus safety is the fraternities. I strongly urge you to get rid of them or police them properly. It is clear from your lack of decisive action that you have already decided that the money you get from frat alums means more to your university than the safety of your students, particularly your female students. Although your frat boys may consider young women disposable objects, it is SICKENING that the University administration also considers them disposable. SHAME ON YOU!
family member of current studentMy daughter is a first year. I was pretty upset to learn that many times I read about incidents that occurred on campus and when I brought them up to her, she had no idea. For example, the harassment in the library. She studies every day in that library and had no idea an incident had taken place there. What is the point of the alert system when crimes against women are broadcast in a timely manner or at all? There appears to be a lack of concern about the seriousness of these matters that I find alarming. Another example is the delay in broadcasting the information about the sexual assault. I'm not sure if the system is broken or if the people in charge of it are tone deaf, but the optics are horrible.
staffEither be transparent about the obvious issues going on on campus and the toxic racial climate that exists on UNCs campus or just don’t do anything at all. We’ve had enough of the gaslighting. It’s very clear who you serve and protect and it’s not students of color.
graduate / professional studentThere’s a distinct difference in the way UNC Police handles outside protesters (example, the confederates at silent sam, and now the genocide awareness project). The metal fence barriers are very symbolic of who they and unc administration protects...and it’s not students. You all support confederates and those who willingly display racially and culturally sensitive and triggering material but don’t consider the well being of your students. You also meet anti-racist activists (maya little, lindsay ayling) as well as students and community activists with hostility. The technical rules of “temporary structures” is UNC polices excuse for terrorizing black students protesting against silent sam and confiscating their property but somehow racist confederates, lunching, and graphic photos of the holocaust is acceptable. You all are a joke and don’t care at all about student safety. Just come clean and say you only care about UNC’s image, prestige, and your paychecks. At least you’ll be done gaslighting us
family member of current studentI did not attend a session as we are out of state, but my son is close friends with the victim of the recent sexual assault at Shortbread Apartments. He's been very involved with her recovery, and he is attempting to raise awareness among male students at UNC. HIs goal is to ensure all women have a friend to walk them home if it's late at night, and we are also aware of the fantastic services that UNC provides for this as well. He just wants to do more for those who may not call an official service for help. Our additional concerns are that there is not enough security in the areas that are considered "off campus," but are where many female students live. It is our hope as parents that the university will take all major student residential locations into planning purposes when it comes to safety, regardless as to whether it's "on campus" or not.
undergraduate studentThe Genocide Project is awful to witness. My family has suffered great trauma from my mom having to get an abortion. I relive that when I walk past.
undergraduate studentThere is a popular cut through at the end of Cameron Court that many students use as a shortcut to West Franklin Street. This area is completely pitch dark and overgrown with bamboo It is very creepy - and potentially a MOST DANGEROUS SITUATION. Will you please look into clearing and lighting this popular path?
undergraduate studentI am disgusted with the university allowing anti-abortion groups to continually infiltrate our campus for days at a time and setting up displays in the most prominent areas of campus with extremely graphic and scientifically incorrect information. They also video tape us without consent or warning. This is triggering to many students and we are forced to walk by it to get to class. The displays his year have become so big, counter protests can’t even really help those who would be triggered by it avoid it
undergraduate student“The Genocide Awareness Project” is both extremely harmful and disturbing. I say this because of their large-scale depictions of abortion byproducts and images of people in real genocides. They are especially triggering for people who have had abortions. Many students have had to avoid parts of campus to not see their display, but still are flooded with images on vans and automobiles. This goes FAR beyond what the campus should deem as “free speech” and must be taken down to protect the wellbeing of those who attend this campus. People should not be allowed to display violent, graphic images as part of their exhibit, which of course should be applied to everyone. I, and many others, are ashamed of this university.
family member of current studentAs a parent of a student at UNC Chapel Hill, I believe that the students at this age (even though they are considered adults) they feel invincible and have no fear, until they get into an unsafe situation. They later realize the mistake and gain the knowledge of what they should have done. My feedback to you is that (1) we have to educate them more/constantly, (2) protect them and (3) offer support._x000D_
(1) Education about safety, awareness and defense strategies:_x000D_
- make safety training mandatory (e.g. you cannot take your dorm key if you didn't attend) _x000D_
- provide it every year and keep attendance; _x000D_
- give incentive for participants (like free meal, shirts, …)_x000D_
- make safety training interactive and given by police agents telling about real stories (not those commercial ridiculous boring movies); find material that is current, real and connected to the students._x000D_
- I attended "Active Survival - The ABC's to Active Shooter Response" held by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department - Officer Frisk. My employer made it mandatory (otherwise many would not take the time to participate). It was mind blowing and emotional. I learned so much from it! That is what our students need. Real facts, raw pictures/description, lessons on awareness and defense strategies._x000D_
(2) Protect them:_x000D_
- have more police presence in campus after dark; _x000D_
- integrate more the police officers into the student community; increase interaction between police officers and students by having common activities (like community service, trips, talks, games, …). Students have to feel that police officers are their friends and trust them. At my student's high school, the police officer was involved in many activities (some very academic, but some quite silly) and students felt he is one of their friends. We need a stronger bond between police officers and students. Both will benefit!_x000D_
- install surveillance cameras at each entrance, parking lot or in the areas more prone to events._x000D_
(3) Offer support:_x000D_
- I know UNC Chapel Hill has already support system in place. It needs to be better publicized. _x000D_
- have the hired support people go out and give talks about real issues, gain trust of students, make themselves known_x000D_
- hired support people must be very active, open, approachable and give mandatory speeches/training where students must participate_x000D_
- have multiple suggestion or observation mail boxes where they can drop concerns, or if they saw something but they want to remain anonymous_x000D_
I hope all this helps. Thank you for your interest in keeping our students safe!
family member of current studentI have visited UNC frequently for many years, and am well aware of the "climate change" and the number of non-student adults who appear on campus and cause trouble - lately on a frequent basis. We are paying and investing in UNC in order for our students/family members to learn in a positive environment, and we and the students deserve the same. There should be a designated area for demonstrators which does not subject non-participants or police to an unsafe environment, or subject them to ridicule by protesters. I don't see why a university should tolerate troublemakers who appear on a campus in order to cause division amongst the student body and staff, pursue extreme political rhetoric, and particularly those whose actions endanger or threaten to endanger others through their intentional or negligent actions. Freedom of speech is not absolute. It only exists because of the efforts & sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. It is protected for us all by reasonable restrictions on its exercise.
family member of current studentHaving two daughters who attend UNC we are extremely concerned about the areas of Chapel Hill that are right beside campus where the students have various types of housing. There is not enough lighting, cameras or policing of these areas. We are also very concerned about the parties at fraternities where no adults are allowed to police what is going on which leads to excessive drinking and drug use. This then leads to students making poor choices of walking home by themselves so they don't get raped by another drunk student at the parties and when they walk home they have to worry about being robbed or attacked or raped by someone they don't know. There has to be something more we can do to help encourage all students to make better choices for helping with their own safety.
family member of current studentMy comments are in regard to safety. SafeWalk should operate during more extensive hours after dark. From at least 8 or 9 pm if not earlier. Currently operating beginning at 11:00 is too late to help many students feel safe walking back to dorms after meetings, group projects, etc. And only being available M-Th is not enough. Weekend coverage is needed too, perhaps even more. It was quite early when the girl was attacked at the Old Well, so it does happen. Would also love to see a few safety patrols walking the campus during these hours too. Chapel Hill is nice, but not so nice that things can't happen and coverage is needed during riskier times. I see Safe Walk promoted a lot in emails to parents -- sounds good, but is actually insufficient._x000D_
Does the P2P on-service van pick up any student any time after dark? If not, they should. Sometimes standing alone in the dark waiting for a bus at night is worse than walking. Many campuses have golf carts or vans that run constantly to shuttle students around door-to-door. UNC could use that. It should be the norm._x000D_
All in all, safety efforts aren't as high at UNC as they are on other many other campuses I've visited and it has surprised me. It seems a little taken for granted there.
undergraduate studentMy daughter feels nervous on campus- wont walk alone, especially after dark. I also ordered her mace and an alarm to attach to her key chain. She feels safe and secure in class and in her dorm.
family member of current studentMy daughter was raped in her dorm room last February. I have found the process with the university and the town of Chapel Hill disheartening and insufficient. I would like an opportunity to speak to someone in person if possible. As an alumna I am beyond disappointed with EOC, Title IX and the DA’s office. The trauma my daughter has been through will be with her for a lifetime. Is breaks my heart that she feels unheard and not believed.
Family/recent gradNo because we are in Massachusetts but I would attended via computer or conference call
adjuncy faculty and hospital staffI am the director of the Beacon program (UNC HOspitals) that works with patients and employees experiencing any form of IPV, child abuse or human trafficking. Based on our work with UNC students and faculty/staff, we have seen the following trends._x000D_
1. There need to be greater resources for faculty/staff experiencing IPV. We strongly urge the university to consider adopting the hospital's employee domestic violence policy and add the required resources to support faculty/staff experiencing IPV. _x000D_
2. We have seen a 50% increase over the last 3 months in the number of students we have served. Students report that they are more comfortable reaching out to our program as opposed to university services. _x000D_
3. Faculty and staff need to be trained on their obligations to report child abuse and neglect. We provide training to SOM faculty and are willing to share our training with others. We have several documented cases of non-SOM faculty/staff failing to report child abuse and neglect.
family member of current studentWe feel given the recent attack at Shortbread that the campus should send feedback to the students on their options for safety concerns both on and off campus housing. My daughter needed to walk from Shortbread to the parking lot across the street where her car was at 5;30 in the morning to catch a flight. We called Shortbread and the Chapel Hill police to see what options there would be to walk her to her car. I received a phone call on Monday from the police department letting me know she could call 911 and ask for an officer escort. We would not have thought to make a 911 call for an escort. We have always been taught 911 was for emergencies. The suspect had not been caught and our daughter is one of the room mates of the victim. We were obviously uncomfortable with her walking alone in the middle of the night. I believe UNC talked about providing the campus walk program for Shortbread even though it is "off campus" but never heard anything. _x000D_
Thank you!
I am the Mom of a current student, and have a second child applying to UNC for fall of 2020My sons girlfriend lives in Shortbread and is friends with the poor girl who was raped. I have driven through the garage of this building to drop off students, and I am a bit concerned by the many areas of the garage as well as numerous parking lots around campus where assaults could occur. I understand that CCTV can be very expensive to install and monitor, however, I think the safety of our students is priceless. In Europe CCTV is so common that the average person is caught on camera in excess of 80 times per day. I would like to see multiple cameras installed throughout Chapel Hill to help deter persons from committing assaults. My child has mentioned that crime seems to have risen this year over last, and students feel it is pouring over from the Carrboro area. If this is in fact the case, should crime be addressed in the Carrboro area as well?
family member of current studentI am an alum and also have a daughter attending. She is currently a third year honor student and she works for the university. Often her working hours put her walking home in the dark. As a parent of a female student.... I worry. And recent events slightly off campus on Franklin street do alarm me. I heard about it through social media and many of my friends with students currently at UNC and by many of my alum friends. My daughter does not seem to have more information than me....and she is living in the Chapel Hill community. I wish the university would provide more information to parents and students about what is currently being done to increase safety for the students. Perhaps I missed communication but I try to be informed. I was unaware of the listening session. I would love a link to hear it. Frances Robicsek Furr '90
family member of current studentMy daughter has informed me that a Pro Life group was protesting on your campus yesterday and they were displaying highly graphic and offensive pictures for the students to see in the Quad. It would be nice if you could move the protesters off campus. Students should be focused on academics and not have these protesters adding more stress to their daily lives. Thank you.
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